Protect your business with unmatched fraud prevention features. Say goodbye to fraud orders placed through VPN, say no to chargebacks with credit card blocking, and restrict account activities. With WHMCS Firewall, you can now ensure the safety of your business while providing a seamless experience for your clients. Discover the power of ultimate protection today!.

Here's What's In Store

Full Restriction Mode

Restricts account activities. Block new client order or restrict tickets. Experience complete control

Disable Gateways

Ability to select specific payment gateways for clients to use

Block Fraud Orders

Block orders placed over VPN or based on fraud risk rate

Block Cards

Ability to block credit card numbers for a client based on card type and last 4 digits

Mass Suspension

An option for mass suspension of services on a limited account

Mass Termination

An option for mass termination of services on a limited account

Mass Refund

Ability to mass refund all invoices on the account

IP Information

Show info of last login and last order IP in Client Summary and order page


Provide account limitation reason to client with a template of choice

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Saturday, May 13, 2023

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